Mayor Lights Efficient Christmas Lights, Respects The Environment

On December 6th, the mayor paved the path forward showing how culture and technology can co-exist helping protect and respect the environment when she lit the Christmas lights that use high efficiency technology.

The lighting by the mayor was attended and collectively organized by the councillors for the Hockey Club Liceo, including the players. This club also happens to have recently ascended to state honour category.

Mayor, Xulio Ferreiro presided over the act, which is a build-up to Christmas and an event annually held at the Plaza de Maria Pita. The lights will stay lit for the entire month of festivities, which is the tradition here but unlike earlier, this time around technology is the important factor. The use of LED lights not only improves the overall visibility and allure but drastically cuts down on electricity thus saving money and protecting the environment in the process.

“Darkness is only dispelled by the shining of light. This city has a long way to improve but during its struggles, it has come far. The Hockey Club Liceo’s rise and commitment, its bravery is an excellent example of what this city is capable of achieving. The campaign against sexist violence in Coruna is yet another example of society and individuals coming together for a common initiative,” said local leader. “It is a time to thank and acknowledge the public of Coruna for its bravery and compassion. Let these lights be a reminder of what we have achieved and what we will achieve in future – let it shine through the darkness,” said the mayor before pressing the button to light up the city.

The lights run through the entire façade of Maria Pita and the square but that is not all. As the days go by, more lights will be put up across the neighbourhoods in a total of 107 points! This will eventually include avenues, streets, squares and the most frequented meeting places too. Even the main shopping districts of Coruna will remain illuminated throughout the festive months this year.

As for the festivities, recreational activities are planned for the Plaza de Maria Pita and nearly 100,000 establishments will be distributed among attendees so they can access them. Additionally, lots of workshops are to be held at the square and the market will flood with travelling traders who only for this month will be given temporary residence and a place to set shop.