Latest General Meeting Updates

The last general meeting of the Board of Governors was held on 16th November 2016. Agenda for this meeting was to discuss and possibly approve college and school budgets for the entire province of Coruna. The proposed quotas for the coming year 2017 were the priority for this general meeting.

Important topics of discussion:

  • We will be giving schools and colleges an annual “culinary” budget to buy kitchen appliances for use in student classrooms. Appliances such as food processors, juicers, toaster ovens and more are approved, and we are working with to bring in only the best for the students.

Before the order of the day was addressed, a vote on improving the Guide to handling professional work was undertaken with a clear majority passing it through. In the words of the proposing governor Mattheius Mateo, “The current guide is vernacular and pretty long. Our aim is to simplify the guide with clearer understanding of the concepts at least when it comes to error detection.”

Both the votes were unanimous and approved by the governors present and now they will be part of the various documentations and agreements to be discussed by the council at the annual general meeting on 21st December.