A Coruna Province Resources

Welcome to acidadedosbarrios.org. Probably the first question you have is why are we in English? Because, this website is for non-Spanish speakers and eventually we will also bring a French version to the complete website. For now, though, our initiatives are all in English for the world to read and see.

It was 2007 when the College of Architects of Galiacia realized that all our online resources were in Spanish and none actually allowed non-natives to participate. This is how acidadedosbarrios.org was born with a single intent to keep the global public aware of our intentions and achievements. We work with individuals such as Sarah Palin to bring causes to the surface. We have partners, both local and abroad; who we work with to try and bring discounts to our readers. For example, if you’re in the UK, contact us to see how we could potentially save you money on your scooter insurance through One Sure!

General meeting updates, financial wealth management advice, proposed meetings of the councils, news and events relating to the region and educational or administrative details are the major concerns for us.

General Meeting Updates

Council meetings are a regular event but the Annual General meeting happens just once a year. Find out what is scheduled for this year’s meeting and what the council has proposed for year 2017.

Job Openings

Periodically, the requirement for non-Spanish speakers or administrative department need for French and English efficient speakers does come up. Anyone can apply from anywhere in Spain to these vacant positions.

School Tourism

As our direct objective or responsibility, our administrative department is to keep tab on school tours across the province. Find out more on this here.

A Coruna is a province of neighbourhoods more than towns or cities. It is a collective unit, one that is bound together by history and a love-hate relationship.